Chicago-based illustrator, cartoonist,  muralist, and handpoke tattoo artist

They primarily self-publish surreal/formalist comics based around under-appreciated aspects of the world, gender/sexuality, mental health, and stream of consciousness writing. Each has a high amount of focus dedicated to the structure and keeping it specific but open ended enough to instigate personal thought more-so than thought about a specific narrative in the book. This attention to structure leads to doing gig posters and paintings in a style that some would describe as psychedelic due to the experimentation in color, forms, and the relationships between objects and communicating information.


For any inquiries on purchasing any originals, prints, stickers,  comics, or anything else, please contact me via email at mclujohn(at)gmail.com

Currently I have work for sale at these Chicago locations

  • Armadillo's Pillow, 6753 N Sheridan Road

  • Bric-A-Brac Records, 3156 W Diversey Ave

  • JJMcLuckie.com/comics

  • Quimby's Bookstore, 1854 W North Ave

  • ShopColumbia, 619 South Wabash Ave

  • Uncharted Books, 2620 N Milwaukee Ave


  • I am Thinking; Therefore I exist, 2018, Included in Pallor Pink Vol 5 published by Yewon Kwon

  • CAKE Anthology 2018, 2018, Editor for Chicago Alternative Comic Expo's 2018 Anthology, 8.5"x11", Published in collaboration with CAKE

  • GROW, 2018, Plant-oriented diagrams/comics with each successive page growing by 4 panels. , 8.5"x11", Self-published

  • Mobius, 2018, Comic on the topic of endlessness and isolation formatted as a mobius strip, 4"x15", Self-published for Linework Comic Anthology 8

  • Life-Defining Moments, 2017, Memories of the mundane are dissected to realize that they play more of a role in shaping personality than seemingly major moments, 7.5"x5.5", Self-published

  • Wormhole, 2017, Short comic/bookmark about swirling between rigid and liquid forms, 2"x7", Self-published

  • Business Box, 2017, Four independently drawn surreal panels are combined on each page to create an abstract narrative, 4.25"x5.5", Self-published

  • Cute and Nice, 2017, A comic in the form of a passed note about some dudes, 5.5"x8.5", Self-published

  • Exquisite Corpse: A Collaboration of Friendship, 2017,  Mix and match book in collaboration with Olivia Olsen and Maggie O'Brien, 8.5"x11", Self-Published

  • Hollinndagain, 2017, A comic reimagining of Animal Collective's 2002 album, 11"x14", Self-published

  • Linework Comic Anthology Vol 7, 2017,  Anthology under the direction of Ivan Brunetti, 10.5"x14", Editor

  • Chaos Theory, 2017, Collection of b/w one page comics, 8.5"x11", Self-published

  • Hi There, 2017, Typography based mini comic, 4.25"x5.5", Self-published

  • Linework Comic Anthology Vol 6, 2016,  Anthology under the direction of Ivan Brunetti, 8"x10", Contributor

  • Bus Stop, 2016, Stream of consciousness semi-wordless mini comic, 5.5"x8.5", Self-published

  • Bees?, 2015, Collection of illustrations, 5"x5", Contributor 

  • The Kitchen Katastrophe, 2007, Children's mystery picture book with talking food, 6"x8", Illustrator


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